The Civil War : The Causes Of The American Civil War

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When the Civil War started, no one predicted the strenuous effects that it would leave on the two conflicting sides, the Union and the Confederacy. The four year-long affair contained highs and lows for both armies, forcing politics and military aims to become entangled and riddled with conflict. The Union’s victory in the war occurred based off years of hard fought battles and timely legislation, all of which depended on both governments’ readiness to take action against the other, while blurring the lines between the boundaries of the law.
From the offset, it was apparent that the North had an advantage when it came to factories and manufacturing. The middle class was already established and industrialization was well under way. The North also outnumbered the South in terms of population, totaling around 22.2 million versus the south’s total of 9.2 million. Therefore, when Abraham Lincoln called for 75,000 troops from the Union on April 15, 1861, the North was able to contribute an ample amount of man power as well as areas to produce war supplies. This became increasingly important as the war continued on for years.
In Joseph Glatthaar’s lecture “A Tale of Two Armies” he demonstrates that the Union Army of the Potomac had approximately 350,000 to 375,000 men assigned to it, and its strength at any given time average about 125,000 men. This can be compared to the 240,000 men assigned to the Army of Northern Virginia, whose average strength was about 75,000 men. Analyzing

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