The Clarity And Effectiveness Of Purpose

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The clarity and effectiveness of purpose and the use of time was very well used in this meeting. The purpose of this meeting was very clear to both this writer and seemed to be to all group members. Group members respected that the purpose was to have meetings that were effective enough to help themselves stay sober. The group leader was very strict on keeping the group on task and did not allow much time for the group members to get off topic. The group discussions truly allowed group members to understand the purpose in being in attendance at each meeting. The time allotted for the meeting was perfect. The hour long session left just enough time for each portion of the meeting to be completed, but did not leave extra time where the group leader struggled to come up with discussion or activities for the group members to participate in. The use of time was very effective and clear to both the group leaders and group members. X. Assessment of the stage of the group’s development. (Use Garland, Jones, Kolodny’s Five Stage Model of Group Development). Cite examples to support your assessment. The group was at the level identified as differentiation by the Garland, Jones, and Kolondy model. Differentiation is defined as the following by Zastrow (2015): During the fourth stage, differentiation, members are freer to experiment with new and alternative behavior patterns because they recognize individual rights and needs, and they communicate more effectively. Leadership
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