The Clash Of Two Great Minds Essay

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The clash of two great minds has long been the struggle, Alexander Hamilton vs Aaron
Burr, Stalin vs. Trotsky Michelangelo vs. Da Vinci and of course Booker T. Washington vs.
W.E.B Du bois. Although both different ideologies, they were both trying to reach the same goal, equality. Although Washington was more economics based and Dubois was more ideology based they both wanted the same outcome, however Dubois approach seems more practical but both have successes and failures, and can be learned from today.
The main argument of Booker T. Washington is that he wanted more of an economic approach to equality. In the article published by the Atlantic called “Black History, American
History,” it says that, “if students learned useful trades while in school, he suggested, they would feel confident that they had something to offer and could therefore lay claim to a position in the social structure.” This means that he wanted African Americans to take more of a ground up approach. That if they as a collective could learn skills and, be a desirable work force they would be respected. This work force would then make enough money that they could buy their own land and create their own businesses. This would give the African American community a foot to stand on when it came to debating issues because they could be able to say look at what as a group African Americans have accomplished. Booker to is quoted saying “Friction between the races will pass away in proportion as the black man .

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