The Class Reflection

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Teachers have a very important role in the life of students. They teach you not only academic material, they also teach you important life lessons. That’s why it’s very critical to have an effective, positive, and healthy relationship with them. This can be your deciding factor in determining whether someone is a good teacher or bad teacher. Teachers learn from you, as much as you learn from them. So having that teacher-student relationship is beneficial. Take the film “The Class”, as example of how that relationship should and shouldn’t look like. From watching this film you will see both sides of the spectrum. Mr. Marin, might not be a perfect teacher, but he still shows you attributes of how a good teacher should act. The teacher-student relationship they should create, and the overall relationship they should have with their students. “The Class” is a 2008 French film centered around a French literature teacher named François Marin and his experience with teaching a group of 14-15 year olds in a secondary school located in Paris. The film focuses on the the student teacher relationship between Mr. Marin and his students. The film shows many examples of Mr. Marin’s teaching style and brings up the debate of whether or not Mr. Marin is a good teacher. Some might argue that he isn’t due the way he talks back to his students, while other would say that he’s a good teacher, and is just disciplining them. I believe that he can be a bad teacher at times, yet he did show
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