Teaching Styles Are Different For Each Educator

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Teaching styles are different for each educator, just like all students learn differently. A teacher must be flexible in their instruction in order to help a child learn to their best of their abilities. They have to get to know the students and find out whom they truly are. This way, they can adapt their teaching methods in order to give the student the largest advantage possible to learn and grow as best as they can. Children often spend more time at school with their teachers than they do at home with their parents, so sometimes those teachers become the driving force in their lives, and the largest role models. For a child to receive the best educational experience possible, a teacher must create a positive learning environment and…show more content…
“Studies have shown that children who had conflict with the teacher in kindergarten were more likely to have more behavior problems and lower grades in math and language arts through eighth grade” (Baroody, 2014). The teacher must be able to build the curriculum based on the children. Teachers must realize that children learn in different ways and must be approached instruction in such a way. If a teacher does not have a good relationship with their students, they are less willing to help them (Baroody, 2014). This could cause damage to a student’s desire to learn now and in the future. It is very important for a teacher to maintain a close relationship with his/her students. John Dewey stated that teachers are there to pick which influences are going to impact the students and help them learn to respond to the influences accordingly (Dewey, 1959, p. 200). Teachers have so much more of a role in the students’ lives than just passing knowledge. They have to create a learning environment in which students desire to learn. “Students and teachers with close, positive relationships display more enjoyment and pleasure together” (Baroody, 2014). These relationships are important to help the student have a more enjoyable experience, which will encourage learning. Another thing that can be beneficial to the learning environment is a good curriculum. The curriculum chosen is a very important part of the
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