The Classic Conception Of A Bureaucracy

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A bureaucracy is defined as the complex structure of offices, tasks, rules, and principles of organization that are employed by all large-scale institutions to coordinate effectively the work of their personnel. The classic conception of a bureaucracy was advanced by Max Weber, a German sociologist, who argued that the bureaucracy was a “rational” way for a modern society to conduct business. As Americans, we rely heavily on the structure and function of bureaucracies. From the most mundane to ornate tasks, the function of a bureaucratic society impacts each of our lives on a daily basis. It is the very detailed and structured departments that provide the essential foundation for which all of Americans rely on. Political bureaucracy in the United States is shared between several institutions. Each of the corresponding institutions has specific roles that must be met in order to have cohesion between the bureaucracy and the different branches of the government. It has often been stated that the political bureaucracy is equal to that of the fourth branch of government. These contributing roles are designed on a system of a hierarchical structure. The obvious top leader in the chain of command has ultimate control and the authority from there is dispersed from the top. Within each of the levels, each group or individual has a specific individualized job that must be carried out. There is a clear and well written established set of rules for all to follow and equally as

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