The Cloud : What Is The Purpose Of The Clouds

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In today's world, there is not a device you can use that does not have or support a specific cloud. But what really is a cloud? What does it do? What is the purpose of the cloud? Well, in simple terms a cloud is a way of accessing anything that has been placed on it. In certain cases a cloud is used to it’s max when a person has multiple devices that use that one specific cloud. For example, Apple has iCloud. iCloud lets you store contacts, documents, pictures, emails, and even music on it so if you want to put your Macbook down you can pick up your iPhone and finish the task you were working on. A cloud can also be easily known as a storage unit, where you can keep information. To go into detail about clouds we must look at different …show more content…

Yes, but it is not through iCloud instead that is with an iTunes backup. Many people get the two confused with each other. When you sync into a new device iCloud and your itunes backup comes along for the ride. iCloud is not only on all your apple devices but can also be installed on your Window’s devices, which will have similar tools to the iCloud on any apple device. With iCloud itself the user receives 5 Gigabytes of free storage, from there if you require more storage it will cost a price. For 50 gigabytes of storage it costs 99 cents, for 200 gigabytes it costs $2.99, and so forth. The more the storage the higher the price. The next cloud we look at is Google Drive, which is one of the best in my opinion to save files on. Making, sharing, and downloading files from google drive is one of the easiest tasks at hand. Google drive lets you share with others that have a drive account. One of it’s features that some drives do not have, is there is an app version of the drive so you can use it on almost any device of your choosing. There is also an offline feature that allows the user to still view the documents they have created or saved, the more recent version of google drive lets you use the offline version as an editing tool too. One of the downfalls from google drive is if you have no internet then the drive will not work unless you only want to view a already edited document.

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