The Coca-Col Case Analysis Of The Coca Cola Company

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Coca Cola has been in the soft drink industry since 1886. The Coca Cola Company’s sale has increased by over 4000% in between 1890 and 1900 after Asa Candler, a pharmacist and businessman, bought the Coca Cola formula from John Pemberton, a pharmacist that invented Coca Cola, and marketed it aggressively (Bellis, 2017). Over the years, the company has been introducing beverage in varies category, such as, juice, coffee, and sports drinks. The brand is also growing worldwide. According to Brand Finance, a London consulting firm, Coca Cola was the most valuable brand in the world in 2007; however, they are now 16th in the U.S. and 27th in the world (Grantham, 2017). A legendary investor once said that Coca-cola was a strong company that can be run by ham sandwich; however, the company is having a downfall nowadays. Even though the company is still making money, but Coke’s revenue has slipped for the past four years. One of the biggest reasons might be the changing of people’s lifestyle. As more diseases been discovered, people preferred a healthy lifestyle, which makes them cut back on their sugar intake to avoid obesity and diabetes. Besides that, consumer tastes are also often shifting towards new products as there are more rising companies trying to compete in the beverage market. Problem Statement The Coca Cola Company must address the changing in consumers’ lifestyle and preferences in order to avoid losing money in the future. Alternative Solutions In order to fight with the upcoming competitors, the Coca Cola Company needs to keep up with the changes in consumers’ preferences and lifestyle. Coca Cola Company should focus on producing variety of beverages that can cater different groups of consumers, for example, those who are weary of sugar intake and those who drink for the taste and does not mind the sugary sweetener. Most people are actually not aware of the other beverage offered by the company and they can only relate the company to a high sugar soft drink. By introducing new beverage or pushing their other beverages to get more recognition, they can satisfy more consumers’ needs. Next, in order to get more consumers to come back to Coke, they can improve their marketing strategy. One way that

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