The Cognitive Behavior Therapy 's Formulation Essay

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Here is a definition of the cognitive behaviour therapy’s formulation. Also, there is explanation about its important role in helping the therapist and the client to understand the client’s problem and the process that is behind its maintenance. In addition, there is a description about the importance of the therapeutic relationship. Here the therapist is open, understanding and congruent with the client, in order to get to the goal of the therapy and make the change happens. Also, throwing light upon the collaborative work between the therapist and the client for making the formulation and the continuous feedback from the client to insure the accuracy of the information gathered for the formulation, which is also important for getting successful results. Furthermore, there is an account on the way the formulation is constructed, and its specificity to the client as important factor for the change. A formulation is an individualised, practical and time-framed concise theory that a therapist develops to describe the main aspects of a client’s problem, the reasons this problem emerges and how it developed, in addition to the processes that are sustaining the continuity of the problem and keeping it happening. (Westbrook, Kennerley, and Kirk, 2012, p63). A formulation is very important for a successful CBT because, it helps both the client as well as the therapist to understand the problem that a client is suffering from, (Westbrook, Kennerley, and Kirk, 2012, p64). In

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