The Cognitive Theory Of A Sensory Motor Disorder

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A Sensory motor disorder is a condition in which the brains ability to receive and respond to information that is integrated through the sense is compromised. Those affected by sensory system disorders are usually oversensitive to stimuli in their environment. In the case of Bernie, he portrays hypersensitivity to sound and visual stimulate secondary to Sensory System Disorder.
One theory that exemplifies Bernie’s language development is known as the Cognitive Connectionism Theory. This theory relies on generic cognitive information processing, as well as pattern recognition systems. By using the same set of information processes such as attention and memory, connectionists state language, will be learned. Children are described as employing and using both cognitive abilities, as well as the social environment to build the foundation for language competence. This pertains to Bernie because language development it dependent on the specific areas of weakness in which Bernie presents with. Language will be learned once neural networks are strengthened by multiple exposures to patterns, as information is attended to and perceived.
Another theory that co-occurs with Bernie’s language development is the Biological Maturation Theory. This theory states language is a product of the brain structures and functions, which play an important role in supporting language acquisition (Nelson 2010). The brain is equipped with microstructures that contribute to the acquisition of

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