The Cold War Era

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The Cold War was an era in which nuclear power was just beginning to be used to its full potential. It was still a fresh, new idea that mankind had not yet learned how to completely harness. Due to that, there were many mistakes made that were detrimental to the environment and humans themselves. One such situation in which that occurred was in Greifswald, East Germany. A nuclear power plant was built in Greifswald to power the surrounding area. It provided East Germany with ten percent of its power. That power plant had many problematic occurrences. Greifswald, East Germany was changed in the events that took place while the nuclear power plant was operational due to the chemicals used and what happened as a result of the disasters. Creating nuclear power is a complex process that takes a lot of resources and has little room for error. The uranium, which is the main element of choice for this process, is turned into pellets, and then rods which are bundled together. The bundles are then submerged in water to keep them cool, otherwise they would overheat and eventually melt. To prevent overheating, a control rod is placed in the bundles to absorb the neutrons given off. The bundles of uranium are very high sources of heat. The rods heat the water, which evaporates and the steam then turns a turbine to create energy. If the core were to get too hot, it can go into meltdown. A meltdown is when a nuclear core becomes too hot and begins to melt, causing the core to send out

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