The Color Purple Summary

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The color purple is about a 14-year-old girl named Celie and she lives in the south. She writes all these letters to GOD because her father is abusive he beats, and rapes her. He even got her pregnant two times then he doesn’t even let her keep her children. Also Celie has a 12 year old sister named Nettie and near the beginning this man named or only known as mister wanted to marry Nettie but instead got Celie because the father said he can’t let The mister marry Nettie so he got Celie. This man also treated Celie badly. Then Nettie comes over to visit and see her sister Celie and Mister saw Nettie and still liked her and made advances toward her and she doesn’t like Mister and he makes her leave Both Nettie and Celie and upset and crying …show more content…

Shug and Celie's relationship grows more intimate. Sofia returns for a visit and promptly gets into a fight with Harpo's new girlfriend, Squeak, knocking Squeak's teeth out. So later on one day out in town and Sofia is out there too and the mayor's wife, Miss Millie, goes over to the group. She begins to point at Sofia's children without bothering, at first, to speak to their mother or ask permission. At first, Sofia silently endures. Miss Millie then looks up and addresses Sofia, remarking on how clean the children are and just straight up asks Sofia if she would like to be her maid. Sofia, who does not work as a maid, Sofia refuses saying "Hell no." The mayor then pushes his wife aside, calling Sofia "girl" and daring her to repeat herself. Mayor slaps Sofia. Sofia responds by using her fist to knock the mayor, her assailant, onto the ground. The police quickly arrive at the scene and brutally beat down Sofia as she pleads with the prizefighter not to intervene on her behalf and instead to take her children to safety. Sofia emerges from her ordeal with many bruises and scars and injuries including a blind eye. Sofia is subsequently sentenced to 12 years in

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