The Commercial Clause Of Interstate Business Transaction The Federal Government

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According to Heminway (2013). The commercial clause in the constitution allows the regulation of interstate business transaction the federal government. The law and courts establish standards that are acceptable in the business environment and the society. For example the guidelines regarding a contract between buyer and seller enshrined in the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The law also helps in resolving disputes between two business entities and between people and business entities. For example the case of Cipollone vs. Liggett Group, Inc. The legal system has much influence in the business decisions (Heminway, 2013).

The Purpose of Business Law
Business law highlights regulations and statutes affecting the roles of business, …show more content…

Federal versus California Court Structure
All of these issues are handled within the judicial system, but depending on the issue, will be handled at different levels. As noted above, there are different levels in the hierarchy of the U. S. judicial system. These courts have separate and unique structures between the federal and state level. The federal court system is broken down between trial courts, appellate courts, and the Supreme Court (Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, 2010). This is very similar to the structure of the California state court system, which also has trial courts, appellate courts, and the State Supreme Court (Judicial Council of California, 2016). The difference between the two is in jurisdiction. The federal court system is very limited in that they can only hear matters involving federal law, disputes among states, disputes involving diversity of citizenship, and disputes where the United States itself is named as a party (Reed et al., 2016). While the federal system is significantly limited in its jurisdiction, California trial courts, or Superior Courts, are courts of general jurisdiction, and can hear civil, criminal, family, probate, mental health, juvenile, and traffic matters arising within the State of California (Judicial Council of California,

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