The Common Notion Of Minds Essay

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The common notion about minds is that they are incredibly simple things that we should easily have the full extent of knowledge on since after all we are constantly using one. It seems completely self-evident as Descartes put it “I think there for, I am”, that we are a mind and that there is nothing strange going on up there but there is much more to the story here. It’s taken for granted far too much that we have any idea of what a mind is and is not. There are quite a numerous amount of different notions of mind that we take as given from what we observe naturally, but we are to look at for the most part one in particular. Many if asked what their opinion was on what they believed thoughts to be made of would be largely perplexed by the question thinking it unworthy of consideration due to believing there is nothing to debate, while some would state brain waves, impulses, or some similar stuff involving the brain. Others though might state that they believe them to be made of stuff wholly different from what we are made of or any material for that matter. This concept that the mind may be made of some intangible substance dates all the way back to the 1500’s with a man named Descartes. Cartesian Dualism, Descartes philosophy of mind, puts forward the idea that there are two substances in the universe. One being the natural physical matter we are all commonly acquainted with and the other being the immaterial mental matter which we would, if real, would only interact with

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