The Communication Problems That Endanger Marriage Can 't Be Fixed

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Communication is usually the most important aspect of trying to understand something or someone. It is important to convey a message clearly; otherwise the words can be interpreted differently. Interpretation can give off positivity or negativity because it depends on the way the other side receives it. There are various languages, but in those languages something can mean differently than what it signifies in English. There are different types of communication and the way words come out rely on the tone. It is not only words that are a barrier, but it is also behavior and style. The effects of communication create discrepancy amongst people by lack of understanding, wrong body language, and frustration. Lack of understanding becomes a major component for something not working out. Deborah Tannen in “Sex, Lies and Conversation” mentioned that “the communication problems that endanger marriage can’t be fixed…” (278). The main problem between relationship is communication. Boyfriends and girlfriends breakup because they do no talk to each other and think space will fix everything. Space does not always work because there is no communication at all. Majority of reasons that couples get a divorce is because they do not understand their significant other. Trying to communicate becomes hard because the couple is not used to communicating in the first place and both have different ways of conversing. Not understanding the other creates distance, which makes the couple decide that

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