The Communist Utopi A Free Car, Peace, And Free Healthcare

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Imagine a place where everyone is entitled to a free car, a free house, and free healthcare. The Communist utopia is as if put at work in the paradise of Huaxi Village, a township in Jiangsu around 80 miles away from China’s economic powerhouse, Shanghai. When China effectively embraced a semi-capitalist approach in the 1980s, Huaxi was an agrarian hovel, reachable only by dirt roads. Wu Renbao, the transformative village party secretary, seized on the new market freedoms to shift the Huaxi economy from primarily farming to manufacturing and trade. Yet, privatization was not selected: the residents would pour their money into a collective pot and share in the take from whatever new profit they gained. Originally a TVE, the Huaxi Group …show more content…

The newcomers receive less profits and bonuses than the original stakeholders, and the migrant workers are at the bottom, having no special financial support. Huaxi’s unique registration system safeguards the rights and living standard of the formal residents, yet if one of them leaves the village (the collective), s/he loses everything. Yet at the very top of the pyramid, the Wu clan holds resources in control. After the retirement and death of the old party secretary Wu Renbao, Wu Xie’en, Renbao’s fourth son, succeeded as the party secretary and the President of Huaxi Group. The dynastic succession and hereditary power are a rarity in Chinese villages, the places that adopt direct democracy. Huaxi is unique because of its seeming isolation to other villages, its persistence on collective ownership, its political succession, and its overwhelmingly impressive economic statistics.
This policy research attempts to investigate the following questions: to what extent does Huaxi follow the standard road of rural development in China since 1978, meaning its association and application of household responsibility system and the Sunan TVE structure? How does Huaxi finance its development and expansion? What’s special about Huaxi’s industrial structure and products manufactured and how do Huaxi’s choice of manufacturing and investing relate to the village’s geography, the nearby Metropolitan area, and the domestic and

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