The Community College Model Works Just Fine

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In February of 2015, Citizens Voice published an essay written by Dr. Michael MacDowell, in which he gave his opinion on Barack Obama’s recent proposal to make the first two years of community college free of charge. Dr. Michael A. MacDowell, retired president of Misericordia University and a writer for Citizen’s Voice, disagrees with Obama’s plan and makes this clear in his article 's title, “The Community College Model Works Just Fine.” MacDowell’s biggest arguments is that the community college group is not the most effective group to offer free education. MacDowell successfully uses statistical facts and evidence to create a convincing essay.
MacDowell starts his essay by stating his personal opinion of Obama’s program being “problematic at best.” He immediately gives his position in the debate and this sets the tone for his entire article. MacDowell says that Obama’s free tuition proposal is “an admirable goal,” although he disagrees with the plan, he understands why one may initially support a free education. This is a great way to catch the attention of the readers who are supportive of Obama’s plan. He says that his plan will cause turmoil, but does not give a harsh tone. If MacDowell had used words like, “idiotic or stupid,” he potentially could have turned readers away from his article. Giving the proposal its props as an admirable goal, allows the writer to be seen as more professional, allowing him to be taken more seriously.
Before MacDowell explains the
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