The Company 's Key Goals For 2016

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The Company’s key goals for 2016 are: • Improve segment earnings-Consumer Digital Imaging Group (CDG) Digital still and video cameras, picture frames, kiosks, APEX dry lab systems, consumer inkjet printing systems, gallery products & services and imaging sensors & licensing activities related to digital imaging • Accelerate digital revenue growth-Film Photo Finishing and Entertainment Group (FPEG)Consumer & professional film, one time use cameras, graphic arts film, aerial & industrial filamentGraphics Communications Group (GCG)Workflow software, digital controllers, digital printing – commercial inkjet, prepress consumables/equipment & document scanners entrainment imaging products & services, paper & output systems • Continue to…show more content…
Preparing Ambassadors - representatives crosswise over districts for pilot Compelling Bloggers and Community Managers In view of the consequences of this Pilot, rest of the workforce will be affirmed to speak to Kodak online crosswise over social networking properties Pilot Ownership: Eastman Kodak Company (KODK) Ownership Summary gives a preview of institutional property and action for a specific stock. The institutional possessions rundown information includes the property and change from latest 13F filings. The insider filer information tallies the quantity of month to month positions more than 3 month and 12 month time compasses. Outline information is ascertained day by day, utilizing the most forward data accessible. -The task backer of the pilot is the Director of Social Media -Program Manager will likewise be Project Manager for this pilot KEY SUCESSES FACTORS • A strong brand name • A strong management team • Leader in distributed photo print outputs • Existence of several kiosks nationwide • Booming independent film making industry in the country • Existence of several Holidays in the country MEASURES OF SUCCSSES FACTORS • Market share • Company’s long standing career • Advertisement recall (surveys) – Psychology of “Smile” campaign • Business Sustainability • Number of franchise/kiosks •
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