Essay on The Complete Beginner’s Guide in Getting Personal Trainers

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Getting into a fitness regime is not as easy as everyone thinks. There are many individuals who’ve gotten a 6-month gym membership or who’ve pledged to go through a 90-day workout program only to be not seen in the gym after the first month or to go back to their daily routine after the first week. For these individuals what they need is a push to get them working through the fitness program and to keep them motivated. A personal trainer can be this push.
The success of your fitness program is dependent though with the type of personal trainer you hire. The person you hire for the job can draw the line between succeeding or failing at your attempt to health and fitness. This is why it’s essential to get not just the best trainer but the …show more content…

First thing you should look for is someone you can trust and someone you feel comfortable with. You’re going to be with this trainer for the duration of the program so it’s good that you can easily get along with him.
The trainer should also be a good listener and have good communication skills. And most importantly, he should be someone that pay a great deal of attention to you as their client. It would be a waste of time getting a trainer who is always busy with his phone or laptop during your sessions.
Questions that Need to Be Asked
Before agreeing to sign a contract for a fitness program with a personal trainer, there are a few questions you need to ask. This will make sure you get what you want and don’t get any unfortunate surprises in the middle of your contract.
• What are the packages offered and the price for each package?
• Is there an expiration or a time period for the package?
• Are there any other fees you would need to pay? For example, fees for extra services or cancellation fees.
• What is the time availability of the trainer?
• Where will be the sessions be held? Can the trainer come to your home, will it be at the gym or do they offer outdoor fitness venues?
• Can they make training programs that puts your health into consideration?
• Can the trainer provide references of previous clients?
• Are the programs up-to-date with fitness and health issues?
Where to Find Them

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