The Complex Nature Of The Nursing Profession

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In my relatively short tenure as a nurse I have come to understand and firmly believe that the nursing profession is widely misinterpreted and sometimes viewed by the public as a systematic, task driven, emotionally simplistic and withdrawn profession. When in reality the nursing profession’s complex nature requires those involved to stay current, active and embracing a dynamic approach to their interactions. A dynamic nature is required in order to be successful in nursing, as adaptive change, high energy and a well-rounded mindset are qualities that equate to effective care. The complex nature of interactions and health care as an encompassing system can prove to be challenging but yield effective adaptive results. As Kleffel states that nurses need an “ecocentric” view to successfully identify the multitude of interrelationships affecting effective care (as cited in Doane & Varcoe, 2004, p. 50). That is that a nurse must approach a situation or interaction from a dynamic and comprehensive perspective.
The many interrelationships that affect the seemingly simple interactions between nurse, patient and families are everything but simple, in fact, they are an intricate web of heterogeneous relational factors with a purpose of contributing and developing the current state of being. The theoretical framework of Complexity Science paired with Complex Adaptive System (CAS) is effective in explaining human interactions and its key role in effective health care (Lindberg, Nash, &
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