The Composition Of Felony Criminal Trials For The Public Defender 's Office

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During my time interning at the Public Defender’s Office, I have observed that time is one of the biggest issues. It has been shown that is quicker for an indigent individual to plead guilty than it is for them to receive adequate legal representation. After obtaining an attorney, it is a lengthy process when going through the different hearings and trials. Often taking several months for cases to be fully resolved. The composition of felony criminal trials in Lowndes County is very complex. There are several various steps within the trial process. The first official step before conducting a trial is making an arrest. An arrest can be made with or without a warrant; however, probable cause must be present in both cases. Upon making an arrest, the detaining officer has forty-eight hours to appear before a judge with probable cause for the arrest, which is the sufficient reason based on the facts that a crime has been committed. Subsequently, after being arraigned, if the individual cannot afford an attorney one is appointed to them from the Public Defender’s office. Next occurs the indictment. The District Attorney’s office receives the arrest warrant and then reviews the case, by dropping and adding charges if necessary. They also have the discovery, which is the evidence the state has against the defendant. The case then goes before a Grand Jury to determine if an indictment is ready. The following month the first hearing to occur after a defendant is indicted is the

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