The Concept Of Offender Profiling

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The objective of the research is to examine the concept of offender profiling. This concept relates to the behavioral, as well as investigative approach or mechanism, which focuses on enabling the investigators to predict and profile the characteristics of unknown criminal offenders or subjects accurately and efficiently. Cole and Brown (2014) focuses on the illustration of the important and significance of a Behavioral Investigative Adviser (BIA) towards assisting the Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) in the course of investigating difficult-to-detect murders. This is an illustration of the concept of profiling, which seeks to facilitate effective and efficient profiling of the murder offenders for accurate prediction of their behaviors. It is possible for the readers of the research article to gain substantive insights and knowledge on the issue of profiling from this research article, thus relevant to the selected topic.
Did the article contain research? The research article did focus on the integration of qualitative research design under the influence of two critical research objectives. In the first instance, the research sought to determine the relationship between the offence variables (independent variables) and characteristics of the offender (dependent variables). The dependent variables in this research were the characteristics, which SIOs focused on using in the course of making effective and efficient decisions in relation to providing systematic

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