The Concept Of Time In Roberto Bolano's Amulet

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Time is a wonderful part of the world and our lives. Time allows us to learn, grow, make memories, feel emotions, teach, and meet new people, just to name a few. Sometimes, we may not think we have enough time for our various goals because of numerous distractions. The concept of time can be hard to understand because it is a cycle but something we cannot return or get back. In Amulet, time plays a large factor in the way that Auxilio tells her story.
The character Auxilio in the book Amulet, is a unique character who is engulfed in the writing and poetry of Mexico. She calls herself the mother of poetry because of all the ties she has with the various artists in Mexico including Arturo Belano (Roberto Bolano’s alter ego in the book). Amulet describes her experiences with these artists over the course of the book as she tries to ‘find herself’, find her meaning in life. Time plays a very large role in how she depicts this story and how she describes her relationships with these writers. The unit of time is a part of the setting in the story. It helps describe the era and provides context for the reader. Setting is very important to a good story, therefore so is time. Roberto Bolano understood this, which is why he uses the word “time”, in multiple variations, 175 times over the course of Amulet. Here are some examples of how Bolano uses the term in the book with Auxilio. At one point Auxilio says, “Let me stretch time out like a plastic surgeon stretching the skin of a

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