The Concept and Importance of Continuous Professional Development (Cpd)

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The concept and importance of continuous Professional Development (CPD) 1) Concept of CPD: CPD in other words known as Continuous Development, this is because the development of professional people increasing day by day and there is no end in 21st century. Due to Global competition the number of professionals increasing day by day, Clients is ever more aware of their rights and the levels of quality that they demand are continuously rising. Latest technology offers many advance and new methods of working. This latest technology becomes the source of developing a commitment to new methods of learning and, in particular, to Continuing Professional/Personal Development. Continuous development of Professionals is increasingly…show more content…
Hasty to the point of rudeness, they speak direct, in crisp, and with hard-hitting tones without bothering to be tactful b) Drifter The second HR behavior, they are free feisty and easy going, jumbled and hasty, drifters are virtually opposing to commanders. c) Attacker They consider themselves higher on others that’s’ why they are angry and hostile, cynical and grumpy, attackers often are the most uncomforting influence in the workplace. d) Pleaser They are very helpful, and pleasant. Pleasers are easy to get along with on a personal basis. They want the support of others, so they give in easily, pretend agreement to maintain synchronization. e) Performer The angry behavior in HR is performer, they are showy and loud, full of beans and entertaining, they are often the most favorite personality in the workplace. f) Avoider: It is showing with name that they love to avoid. Avoiders are the stereotypical wallflowers of the world. They prefer to work alone and Quiet and reserved, they create warm, pleasant, nest-like environments. g) Analytical: Analytical is another HR behavior, they are
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