The Concept of Ethical Obligations

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The Concept of Ethical Obligations The Central Intelligence Agency The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is a civilian intellect agency. It is an execution of the government of the United States of America. More so, CIA is an executive organization that directly reports to the DNI (Director of Nation Intelligence) (White, 2008). Of note is that the agency is tasked with offering national security intellect evaluation to senior policy makers of the United States. It must be noted that intelligence collection is crucial to the protection and safety of the Americans and the country as whole. Among the responsibilities of the CIA is to counteract the U.S military from going into war. CIA work jointly to collect useful information as regards security of the nation besides helping offset warfare. Cross-coded ethical dilemmas facing former CIA Director George Tenet Before Tenet took offer the directorship of the CIA, President Clinton never understood the meaning and the role of CIA. In fact, Clinton did not need the presence of DCI during daily intelligence briefing. Perhaps bad leadership triggered the president's negative attitude towards CIA since its formation in 1947. The agency was in disarray and experienced inconsistent leadership but the arrival of George Tenet changed the overall picture of the agency. As the 18th director of CIA, Tenet made crucial leadership changes that actually elevated the morale of the CIA community. Notably, since 1991, CIA due to

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