The Concept of Federalism in the US

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has experienced a lot of progress through time and it is presently considered to have a positive impact on the country as a whole and on the way that states govern themselves. Even with this, education has always been a field that Federalism focused on, considering that it emphasized the importance of government involvement in the way that education is provided. There is actually much controversy regarding this topic, as even though contemporary federalism promotes the importance related to states governing themselves, it is also dedicated to having all individuals in the U.S. experience little to no problems in their attempts to become educated. Federalism today is very different from how it was in the past but it is difficult to determine the exact extent to which it experienced reform because of newer policies that seem to act in disagreement with attitudes taken several decades ago.
Significance of Federalism
In spite of the fact that Federalism has concentrated on providing state authorities with more power in the recent decades, conditions are different when concerning education, as "in the area of education policy, there seems to be a trend toward growing federal influence" (Ryan, 2001). The 1989-1993 Bush Administration put across particular interest in making education something that could primarily be controlled by state authorities. Moreover, the Republican Party actually wanted to abolish the U.S.…
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