The Concept of MSA

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The concept of MSAs was first proposed by Deschamps in 1953. A patent were issued in France in 1955 in the names of Gutton and Baissinor. After the 1970, the research publications started to flow within the appearances of the first design equation. Since the, different authors started investigation on microstrip patch antennas like James hall, David M. Pozars and there are also some who contributed a lot. Throughout the years, the authors has dedicated there investigations to create a new designs or variations to the original antenna that, to some extent; produce either the wider bandwidth or the multiple frequency operation with in a single element. However most of these innovations bear some disadvantages related to size, height,width or overall volume of the single element and the improvement in the bandwidth suffers usually from degradation the other characteristics. Line feeding technique of microstrip antenna are also attracted researchers because of several advantages over other feeding techniques. Since the feed layout and patches could be etched on one board, it could makes the fabrication easier. The level of the input impedance are easily controllable. Line patches of microstrip had bandwidth and gain characteristics which is relatively narrow. These techniques are also suffers from poor surface wave efficiency and the relatively high spurious feed radiation .
In 1987, the Rigorous Analysis of a Microstrip line Fed Patch Antenna are

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