The Conception Of International Relations

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International relations has been the most outstanding project that was taken up by different nations around the globe to ensure that each state is living on check as per the given guidelines that are universally produced. It is understood that each nation has a Constitution that primarily guide how each carry out its human rights agenda, trade, socio-economic and political activities. However, with constant interactions it was found necessary to formulate a policy that would allow a nation to intervene on behalf of the other in case of any activities that may appear subtle to the world. The idea behind the conception of international relations branch was to try and understand relations among different states mostly by identifying the source of conflict and trying to solve the conflict to avoid war (Eventon, 2009).
According to Smith (2003), the study of international relations was established in 1919 after the First World War to try and establish measures that are likely to avoid the occurrence of the same. Smith (2003) notes the importance of the study was to help “…overcome the ignorance, the prejudices, the ill-will, and the sinister interests that stood in its way.” (p.20)
International relations is therefore studies how each state relate to the other and the support or advice issued in the case of emergency.
Human trafficking has been a major setback in many governments where cartels have taken it up to themselves to excel in the trade despite many

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