The Concepts Of Contractionism By John Rawls And Political Philosophy

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Abstract art steps back from reality to witness a world separate from the human experience. This departure allows people to project their own meaning onto the piece. They all come from varying backgrounds so their understandings of the art are all radically different. John Rawls attempts to apply the same concepts of abstractionism into political philosophy to arrive at a set universal rules and values. However, Rawls ultimately fails, giving rise to an either too limited or too vague theory of justice. Rawls is not clear on how to access morality, who his theory applies to, and whether or not his theory functions in reality.
Rawls acts to expand on the social contract making it more applicable to the needs of the least advantaged. One of political philosophy’s goals is for the government to find “some underlying basis of philosophical and moral agreement” such that the citizens agree on its authority . He postulates the current system of government, utilitarianism, is deeply flawed, because it allows for the continued suffering of the most vulnerable in society as long as the majority benefits . Instead Rawls proposes the veil of ignorance take its place. In this thought experiment, men are in the original position, in which “the parties do not know their conceptions of the good or their special psychological propensities” . He makes two general assumptions about human nature – people are inherently self-interested and they are risk adverse. Thus, behind the veil, a

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