Ways To Prevent Conflict Essay

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“How to Prevent Conflict” India is the center for many serious ethnic and religious conflicts. India is an extremely diverse place with people from different religions, cultures, languages, etc. The two main religions, Muslims and Hindus have had serious conflict for hundreds of years. There have been constant battles, and wars fought between these two religions. Each religion has grown hatred for the other over the many years of fighting. “This struggle has raged since Islam spread into the Indian Peninsula in the early 700’s… this tension was a major factor in the partition of the British colony of India into the new states of India and Pakistan” (“Hindu Muslim Conflict in India”). This feeling of complete hatred is a hard emotion to break. Both religions seem content in their ‘feelings’ toward one another, and don’t seem to want to come to a resolution; which is very disheartening.
There have been countless power struggles amongst the two religious groups. Hindus make up about eighty percent of the population in India, and Muslims are the minority group. The Muslim community definitely feels dominated by the Hindus, because they are the minority group. The main people in the government in India are Hindus.
Muslims in India feel very discriminated against and excluded from many basic human rights. Such as being treated equally, getting the same opportunities, and the same education. India is extremely overpopulated which causes more tension between the two religious

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