The Conflict Between Israel And Palestine Essay

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The conflict between Israel and Palestine has raged on since Israel 's founding in the 1940s, the solution to this problem is not always straight forward or clear. It seems like everyone has formed their opinions and are stuck in their ways. The United Nations has even seem to accept the conflict as a certainty and for a large part does not wish to address it (Baker). However just because this problem is complex doesn 't mean there is no hope for a solution. This conflict is generally seen as a war over where the border between these two states should lay, and due to the increase of extremism on both sides, whether both states should even exist or one state should prevail alone. However there is more complexities to the conflict then finding a mutual place for the border be drawn. There is the conflict over who will control the Holy City, Jerusalem. In addition there are concerns on both sides over security and the internal economy of each state. Finally is the problem that even if an agreement to form the two states were met and agreed upon, would these two vastly different and deeply opinionated states even be able to peaceful co-exist in the future. With all the history and politics considered, for me the answer becomes clear; Palestine has the right to be a state and that state should in large part reflect their position they have presented to the international community. The outbreak of this conflict would begin in 1948, however you can start the modern history of
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