The Israeli Palestine Conflict And Conflict

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Table of Contents World Map 3 Israeli-Palestine Conflict 4 Location 4 Summary of events 4 Parties concerned 4 Potential solutions 4 Ukraine Crisis 5 Location 5 Summary of events 5 Parties concerned 5 Potential solutions 5 Conflict in the South China Sea 6 Location 6 Summary of events 6 Parties concerned 6 Potential solutions 6 Rankings 7 Bibliography 8 World Map Israeli-Palestine Conflict The Israeli-Palestine conflict is an ongoing conflict that began in 1947. Nationalist movements by Jewish and Arab groups with the aims of attaining sovereignty for their people. The collision between these two groups led to the development of …show more content…

The first recorded violence between Arabs and Jews in 1882, and only increased as more Jewish people immigrated to Palestine, and the development of Palestinian nationalism. The massive influx of Jewish immigrants to Palestine was perceived by the Arab population as a threat to their national identity. During the 1920’s relations deteriorated between the Arab and Jewish populations, and led to hostility between the two group becoming more intense. In 1921 the first major riots in Palestine against the Jewish population erupted, the Jaffa riots. The escalation of tensions between the two groups led to the 1929 Palestine riots. In these riots Jews were massacred in Hebron, and devastation took place in Jerusalem and Safed. Finally, there was the 1936-39 Arab revolt in Palestine. During the revolt, Palestinian Arabs rioted and murdered Jews. The revolt was instigated by the Supreme Muslim Council in 1936. The outbreaks of violence were responded to by the British with several reports, inquiries, and commissions. The Haycraft Commission of Inquiry in 1921, the Shaw Report in 1930, the Peel Commission of 1936-37, the Woodhead Commission of 1938, and the White Paper of 1939. A two-state solution was proposed as an end to the conflict in the Peel Commission, and was the first to do so. The proposed solution was to separate Palestine into two states, one Jewish state and one Arab

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