The Conflict Between Man And Conflict In Saga Of The Sioux

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People all around the world need to know the history of the Native Americans. In Saga of the Sioux it gives many details about the different Native Tribes around America. The author tells in the third point of the view different conflicts like Man versus Nature and Man versus Society, as well as the different themes such as Fight for your rights and watch who you trust. Natives Americans lived very different lives than we did. In Saga of the Sioux, there are two major conflicts. They are Man vs Nature and Man vs. Society. “... Immense amounts of gold were hidden in Paga Soph, the black hills.” This was definitely a conflict because because men and soldiers wanted the gold in the black hills. This is also a example of the conflict Man vs. Nature. When the men tried to mine for this gold the Natives knew what was happening and had many wars with them over rights and land. But in the past, they had signed that the land was the Natives, It was their holy land, so when they men went to mine the gold, it was not theirs to take. “During the first night of fight, 12 infants and several old people died,” This is another great example of Man vs. Nature. The weather that they were experiencing was killing them off. The Natives were not prepared for the current weather, and this killed them off. “Because they had so little land left, the santee were faced to give up their traditional way of life and learn how to farm like the White man” This is a good way to show Man
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