The Conflict Within By Joseph Boyden 's Three Day Road

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Xavier and Elijah: The Conflict Within In Joseph Boyden’s novel Three Day Road, Xavier and Elijah both of Cree decent are sent to fight in World War One. The characters share the same cultural identity; however endure their own experiences in which they differ dramatically. They not only face the hardship of being soldiers, but the stigma attached to being First Nation. Boyden uses a unique form of narration, as well as symbols, and motifs in order to illustrate the transitional relationship of Xavier and Elijah. From being the best of friends early in the novel hey continually grow apart. In the novel, Xavier decides that he must put a stop to Elijah’s madness and ultimately takes his life. Boyden throughout compares and contrasts these two characters in order too demonstrate how when values that are instilled in us are tarnished, it is easy to lose our moral compass In turn, we fade away from our identity, thus leading to, in this p case, Elijah’s ultimate demise. However, in the case of Xavier due to strong cultural ties he is able to withstand the trauma of the war, unlike Elijah. Initially through _____ narration we as readers are drawn in by the interpersonal bond between Xavier and Elijah. The two display a brother like relationship in which share similarities such as hunting and going to war together. Xavier being raised by Niska is calm and reserved, and is also is strongly connected to the Cree faith and background. He shows the values such as respect for the
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