The Conflicts Are Common At Workplace

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Conflicting situations are an important and unavoidable aspect of the workplace. A conflict is a situation when the, needs , interests values or goals of both stakeholders interfere with one another. The conflicts are common at workplace. Different parties may have conflicting priorities. Conflicts is possible between team members, departments, different projects, organization and customer , boss and employee, organizational needs vs. employee ,s needs . Perceiving things differently is often the cause of conflict . Conflicts are inevitable between people, within organizations and between groups. Conflicts arises and have different consequences over both parties depending on the nature of conflict and nature of parties. Workplace conflict may be based on disagreements over work procedures, different needs and interests, clashes of personalities, or a range of other situations and circumstances that lead to confrontations between or among employees. Conflict is not always a bad thing sometimes it presents opportunities for improvement. Understanding and applying different techniques of conflict resolution can explore the potentials in conflicting situations and avoid harm to the parties involved or organization. When both sides in a conflict get something that satisfy the both parties such resolution is called win-win resolution.
It is utmost important to resolve the conflicts that brings a win-win sense in both parties rather than leaving them with a sense
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