The Connection Between Personal Knowledge And Shared Knowledge

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Knowledge contains “two total different ideas, which allows a dynamic balance to be maintained”: shared and personal. Personal knowledge benefits the individual who possesses it and is obtained through first-hand experience or observation. Shared knowledge, however, has the potential to benefit an entire population. The connection between personal knowledge and shared is an indivisible bond. One cannot separate something that is interwoven; this can be demonstrated in the example of a ladder. If separated, the ladder cannot exist as a ladder without its other half in the same way as before; the rungs would be too far apart and the pole would not be stable. Personal and shared knowledge share a similar quality which is best expressed using Yin-Yang …show more content…

Any angle of proportion of the wings is unlikely to support the weight of such dense creature . Which basically serves no useful purpose. It is considered useless knowledge because it is very impossible to happen and it is not really beneficial to shared knowledge. However, imagination is the most amazing way of knowing when it comes to creativity; literature, artwork and music are all made using imagination. If a person could not create the idea in their head it would never come to completion. One many examples is, Alice in Wonderland, which gave happiness to many globally. A complete work of fiction, it has helped give rise to purposeful works in pop culture such as gastronomy and music. It has been show cased that knowledge that serves purpose becomes shared knowledge. However, useful personal knowledge also exists; if we look to art, Salvador Dali’s brush technique to create the unique, three-dimensional effect of clocks in the form of a physical representation of time and memory. It was useful but never entered the shared knowledge domain. This does not mean it is useless, it was too complex to be shared it seems due to subjectivity. It was one man’s display of emotion. This provides insight into the nature of personal knowledge; it is often very

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