Personal Knowledge And Knowledge Of The Humanities And The Arts

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I value shared knowledge for it has contributed to my own understanding of the world. Most of the things "I know"-personal knowledge- are my individual interpretation of what "we know"-shared knowledge. There is a strong link between shared knowledge and personal knowledge but the extent to which shared knowledge shapes personal knowledge differs across disciplines. This essay explores the areas of knowledge of the Humanities and the Arts, demonstrates that shared knowledge influences personal knowledge and then discusses the claim that shared and personal knowledge are actually inseparable and may as well be one and the same thing. What is shared knowledge? It is the common knowledge that most people agree on and it can travel across cultures. Such knowledge is assembled by a group of people for example most subject disciplines like Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Historical facts and certain historical interpretations are good examples of shared knowledge. Personal knowledge on the other is not easily shared. This type of knowledge depends crucially on the experiences of the individual for instance; I know how to knit, I know how to dance and I know how to paint portraits. I gained such knowledge through practice and habituation. I sometimes find it difficult to put such knowledge into words and share it with others. The main distinction between shared knowledge and personal knowledge is that the former is mostly knowledge by description while the latter is mainly made up

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