The Connection Between Prescription Drugs And Heroin Addiction

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Uncovering the Connection Between Prescription Drugs and Heroin Addiction
It is likely that at some point in a person’s life it will be necessary to obtain medical assistance due to a chronic illness, injury, or sudden accident that requires a physician’s diagnosis and perhaps prescription medication. Although this very routine happening may be necessary, and at times critical, the adverse effects of taking prescription drugs that contain opioids can lead to an addiction, possible overdose, and death. The research contained continues the debated topic focusing on the connection between heroin addiction and massive numbers of people who developed a dependency after taking legally prescribed opioid pain medicine. The topic will be
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He discusses the role of government during the 1920’s. The Harrison Act (pg. 110) was passed by government making it harder to fill prescriptions of opiates and morphine. In the 1950’s officials seemed to realize the need for watching addicted-physicians, pillagers and people shopping for doctors to supply the opiates, however no consideration was given to people addicted with chronic or terminal illnesses. Bureau official devised record-keeping of medical and non-medical addicts. Eventually doctors had access to barbiturates, tranquilizers, and amphetamines so these we prescribed after the opiate addiction was coming to the fore (pg. 146). In the 1990’s OxyContin came on the scene. Cicero and Ellis (2015) discuss the ease of abusing this drug in the article Abuse-deterrent formulations and the prescription opioid abuse epidemic in the united states: Lessons learned from OxyContin. The drug was the first to be reformulated to make it hard to abuse in 2010. However, survey studies suggest that the drug-seeking behavior may have just switched to other drug choices (Vol.72 5). As pharmaceutical companies scrambled to find ways to change the formulation of these highly addictive drugs, the death rates were climbing. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) shared the startling statistics in the published reports they released entitled: Drug-poisoning
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