The Cons Against Gun Control in the United States

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Gun control is a topic that stirs a strong opinion from the general public. Gun control is the effort to regulate or control usage and sales of guns. The right to bear arms is granted to all Americans by the Second Amendment and many consider it essential to maintain order in the United States of America. Even though this was the Second Amendment right granted to citizens in the Bill of Rights, many Americans opt not to own a gun, and others would like for this right to be abolished altogether. Both sides of this issue have a good argument, but when further researched, there are many more details that come up explain why siding against gun control is a better conclusion for the United States and its people. Some may say gun control should…show more content…
The opponents of gun control, such as the National Rifle Association, argue that the "right to bear arms" is their guarantee under the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. It is also arguable that the licensing restriction penalizes the law-abiding citizens, instead of preventing criminal use of firearms ("About NRA", 2013. par.5). What Guns are doing to our Society As the 21st century continues, the purposes behind the use of guns are significantly changing. More people are purchasing guns for criminal activities and misusing the intentional purposes of guns. These criminals are gaining access to guns and using the firearms to commit gun-related crimes. Because of the rising number of illegal guns in criminals' possession, it has become very challenging for a law-abiding citizen to purchase a firearm. Statistical studies have proven the rate of gun related crimes has increased due to the misuse of guns ("Gun Violence", 2006). Guns only bring more violence. One single shot from a gun can take away a life. Firearms were supposed to be used for self-defense and hunting, but people take advantage of guns and use them as a destructive weapon that cause millions of people to die each year. The goal is to enact more stringent screening of gun sales, ban handguns from certain areas, limit the number of guns one person can own, and general gun safety. A Solution to the Problem The
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