The Consequences Of Anthropocene : A Man Made World

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Looking around the world today it is easy to see the anxiety mankind is feeling over the ever present global changes occurring. The natural disasters, the warming of the climate, the dangerous gasses trapped in the ozone layers, these are all consequences of human technology and scientific revolution.This idea that humans have created a forever changed world and history is Anthropocene, termed by Eugene Stoermer, Dr Crutzen in the Article, A Man Made World published by The Economist. According to the two chemists, humans are living in an age in which the planet has become an innocent bystander in the every growing science and technology of human usage. Similarly author Bruno Latour claims that mankind has committed the sin of creating such a disaster and then running from the consequences and abandoning all responsibility, in his article Love Your Monsters: Why We Must Care for Our Technologies Like We Do Our Children. The two articles point out the error of humans creations and its devastating consequences to our society and planet, while at the same time calling upon man to be a better creator, invested in its creations and their consequences. Stoermer and Crutzen begin their article explaining the sciences that define the ages we evolved from and the age we are currently living in. Astronomy, the study of celestial objects in the universe, is the branch of science used to describe what is currently happening. Geology the study of earth's physical structures is a
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