The Consequences Of Project Censored

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The title page looks like it is created by a non-professional, freelance kind of group. It doesn’t look very organized, the website looks like it was created in less than a day by a generic website constructor. Throughout the title screen there are many clickbait titles that appear to be biased and look like they are written the way they are to get more hits on the page, rather than actually show information to it’s readers. The titles of each section also commonly have buzzwords which trigger people’s emotions which should generate more clicks on the website, I am just not sure how much actual news the site shares. By looking at the title screen, it is hard to see which bias they are holding before reading the articles because it appears …show more content…

The writer of the article shames those who support the people who are in prison and have the potential to use these chemicals. The tear gas a lot of correctional facilities officer are switching over to is a combination of OC Pepper (what the police normally use) and tear gas to give the individual a feeling of not breathing. The author also compares the use of tear gas against prisoners to the use of mustard gas during world war one. Also, he includes the pain rating of it in order to understand how it feels to be gassed to the best of our ability. The Author in general is trying to sell his idea to the populus because he is so impassioned about it, the use of adjectives and buzzwords limit the actual meaning of the article, but definitely has the ability to get people riled up about it.

I think that although the author is trying their best to make a valid point, but, they also include inaccurate and over exaggerated information. I think that it is very noble of them to stand up for the people who they think are being wronged. I do think that cruel and unusual punishment is wrong and is protected under the 8th amendment of the constitution. However, I think the author of the article is blowing this problem out of proportion and are looking at the topic from a very narrow and shallow mindset. The author throughout the article does not mention a single word about how the use of pepper spray helps correctional officers and enables them to keep their lives while helping

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