The Considerations Of The Bridge For The High Speed Rail Coming Through The A.v Valley

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Jose Luis Chavez-Grimaldo
English 10 Honors/ Block: A
27 October 2015
Mezcala Bridge Research Project The considerations of the bridge for the high speed rail coming through the a.v. is when designing high speed rail to the antelope valley. The considerations are is that the kids or young adults of the antelope valley area are able to go to colleges in san diego and back home to the AV in the matter of just minutes. The bridge is to get over the highway to get to L.A. so they will be less traffic to L.A. There are some things that we also need to know that we just need to know if it cost just enough.
The Mezcala Bridge or Mezcala Solidaridad is the thirteenth largest bridges in the world. The location of the bridge are in the state of Guerrero in Mexico on Highway 95. The beginning of the Mezcala Bridge was started at 1989 and with a total length of 891 m (2,923 ft) and six uneven spans completed in 1993. Being in service since 1994, no major disasters has touched the bridge’s existence. The bridge still stands as strong as the day it was build.
This cable- stayed bridge spans across the Balsas River known locally as the Mezcala River close to the western Pacific coast of the country. The name of the bridge is obviously related to the river it hovers. It is located at 221 kilometers of the Autopista del Sol connecting to the city of Cuernavaca in the state of Morelos with Acapulco, in Guerrero state coast.The valley passes over the bridge is approximately

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