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Running head: THE CONSTITUTION The Constitution Magalys Morales University of Phoenix Business Law 145 April 09, 2008 The Constitution The Constitution is the basic and supreme law of the land. It defines the structure of the federal government and consists on 7 articles and 27 amendments. This document creates the federal government and three branches compose it. The three branches are: the legislative branch, represented by the congress, which have the authority to make laws. The executive branch, represented by the President and the cabinet. These have administrative and regulatory power. An as the third one, the judiciary branch, which interprets the laws. This paper explains what the role of the United States …show more content…

“Any local intrastate activity has an effect on interstate commerce is subject to federal regulation.” (Henry R. 2008) A constitutional right can have a big impact on a business. The new smoking free law implemented in Arizona is an example of this. “The Constitution does not explicitly mention smoking, therefore, if there were a constitutional right to smoke, it would have to fall under the umbrella of one of

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