The Consumer And Business Market

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Part 1: The Consumer and Business Market
The company chosen to be the focus for the marketing management is the Edible Arrangements. According to Popkova, Abramov, Ermolina, and Gandin (2015). The headquarters of this company are located at Soweto in South Africa. Its mission statement is: “To supply chemical-free vegetables for the benefit of both the customers and the shareholders” (p.16). The act of the former marketing manager developing an advertising campaign before the marketing strategy can potentially affect the company product regarding sales and also increase expenses. This is because when advertising comes before the marketing strategy, it means that the target audience and their needs are not yet known. This will be …show more content…

The value of the product compared to other competitors is because the vegetables are chemical free as they are organically grown. Clients in this generation have become more concern about health matters and that why they prefer products that will not affect their health with chemicals.
3. Analysis of the Marketing Mix for Consumer Market
The products offered (vegetables) are according to the needs of the direct consumers who buy for immediate consumption in their homes. The products are availed in varieties ranging from kales, onions, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, Dania and cabbage.
The price for the products is customer friendly as most customers are in the middle-income level in this area.
The products are well distributed all over Soweto and the surrounding areas. Customers do not have to go far in search of the products as they are available in the vegetable kiosks near them.
The direct consumers will be reached through advertising in the local radio stations as this will cover a mass market.

4. Analysis of the Marketing mix for Business to Business Market
There are many vegetable kiosks which sell to local consumers. These businesses are a good market for the product and will buy in the whole sale to sell to the direct customers.
The products will be sold in the whole sale that will mean that the price will be lower so that they can make a profit after they sell to the direct consumers (Dhār, 2013).
The farm for producing the vegetables is within

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