Key Terms for Public Relations Essay

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Promotion is an aspect of the marketing mix that has great importance. In order for our product to be successful, the promotion we use will be very vital. This is because of the fact that the method of promotion we use for the product can help to differentiate our product from other products which makes it unique and outstanding amongst other brands. Moreover, using the right promotion can be used as a way to persuade consumers of our product that they made the right choice.
The pull strategy will be used to promote this product. This means that a lot of emphasis will be placed on consumer advertising and this will be done in order to attract final consumers to purchase the product. This strategy will also …show more content…

To add to this, since our focus will be to promote our product, focus will be placed specifically on marketing public relations. The public relations techniques we would employ would be corporate social responsibility and the use of events.
• Corporate social responsibility
We intend to provide government schools with water dispensers which will give students and staff members a chance to drink clean mineral water.

• Events
Engaging our consumers in product related events such as the launch of our mineral water and community events will help create a relationship between us and our consumers which will in turn foster consumer loyalty.
We intend to use radio networks to also promote the product. The reason for selecting radio networks are because the people that fall within our target market listen to the radio often. This insight is based on research that showed that most people within our target market listen to the radio daily. The specific radio networks we intend to use are Joy FM and Peace FM. The reason for selecting these networks is because most people that fall within the middle-class to upper-class listen to radio networks such as Joy FM whereas those who

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