Continuity Irish Republican Army

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The Continuity Irish Republican Army operates in Northern Ireland where it is currently under the control of United Kingdom. The CIRA are a splinter group from the larger Provincial Irish Republican Army (PIRA). The CIRA has been recognized as a splinter faction off of the real Irish Republican Army ever since the middle of the 1980’s (Mueller, 2015). The group has not been conducting attacks in recent years because they do not have many members. The CIRA is thought to have committed the attack that took place in 1987, where eleven people were killed in the Northern Ireland town called Enniskillen (Fletcher, 2008, para. 7).
Groups Objectives
The CIRA’s main objective is to rid Northern Ireland of British influence. According to Pike, (2004) “Continuity refers to the groups belief that it is carrying on the original IRA goal of forcing the British out of Northern Ireland”. The reason they are able to commit attacks is because of the amount of support that they received from various places. The CIRA are known to get funding and weapons from supporters in the United States. They have also received weapons and materials from the real IRA operating out of the Balkans (Pike, 2004). The amount of members that an organization has does not disqualify it for being labeled as a terrorist organization by the United States. The CIRA were recognized as a terrorist group by the United States on July 13th 2004 by the Department of State (Pike, 2004).
Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

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