The Contributions Of Technology In The Han And Roman Empire

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Han and Roman Technology
Technology was a key role in history, it shaped civilizations and outcomes of many things. Technology was a primary focus amongst many civilizations including the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty. In addition, both civilizations had an appreciation to the technology no matter what social class, and both also payed attention and how they could modify it to benefit the civilization in anyway. In both Roman empire and han dynasty they made sure the technology was advanced at the time as it could be and most useful tool. For example in doc 1 and 6 they both address how they want the thing they are doing to be well constructed and advanced. In doc 1 the Han government wanted to conserve its water in the best way and resourceful way possible so they used high officials to keep things running well and precise when constructing their water canals, pools, and rivers. These had to pass certain expectations to make sure they were very good precise and advance, obviously this was done because this was the government in their view any error could cost lots of money and resources since this is for the greater good of the civilization.This was the same basically for the Romans like in doc 6 a high official which was a political leader had roads constricted. These were not just regular roads he made sure they were well and good looking like he stated “ paying attention to utility”. The Roman official did this because in his view this was a better technology for
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