The Controversy Of Voting

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Election season stirs a multitude of emotions and has tremendous potential to be a driving force of many conversations. Voting for state questions, elected officials, and the president were all on this years voting ballot. Countless people have reasons, or excuses, depending on how you look at it for not voting. Voting is exceedingly important. (MAKE STRONGER) It is a way American citizens are privileged with having a say in what is going on in their government.
Countless people have heard that voting is a privilege and not a right. Some may have shrugged off this common rebuttal and the person that said it. In all actuality that is true. Not everyone in the world is allowed to take part in their government in the same way American citizens …show more content…

Now you might wonder why you should vote because your vote doesn’t matter. On the contrary actually, it is true, at least in the presidential election that the to be president elect is not picked by popular vote. This might seem as a turn off to some, but when completely examined, the way that is currently in place is fairer. The way the individual vote counts is by the state. Each state elector represents a percentage of the state’s population (Walbert). This means that each individual vote is a portion of each vote cast by your state’s electors. By each person taking action, this allows for each persons ideas to have meaning. The electoral college officially determines the outcome, but a substantial amount of states have a punishment set in place for electors that do not abide by the states wishes on which direction their vote should be cast. Therefore, the individual person still contains the power to select the one they …show more content…

Nor is it about sitting on the sidelines and letting some supposed elect few pick who is to lead the country next. Voting is about making each voice heard. It is about taking a stand for what each voter believes should happen in the future of our great country and take pride in living it. Regardless of the many reasons someone may think not to vote, all each person needs is one reason to. Let your voice be heard, make a difference and help change the world in a way you deem most beneficial, and take pride in the great nation you choose to call home; get out and

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