The Controversy Over Creationism And Evolution

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Introduction The controversy over Creationism and Evolution is a widely debated topic, especially when it comes to what is being taught in the biology classrooms in public schools today. It may be hard to imagine, but just over 100 years ago the curriculum and beliefs would have looked dramatically different. One central court case that created a spark of bringing evolution to public schools was the infamous Scopes trial of 1925 in which science teacher John Scopes challenged Tennessee state law and taught evolution in his high school science class. Tennessee state legislature had passed a bill, known as the Butler Act just months before, banning the teaching of evolution. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) represented Scopes after his arrest in a case that riveted public attention. Although at trial Scopes was ultimately found guilty, the Butler Act was no longer enforced and laws prohibiting evolution being taught in the classroom continually were defeated over the course of the next two years. In 1968, the ACLU went to the Supreme Court on behalf of Susan Epperson to fight against the ban on teaching evolution in Arkansas. The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the ban as unconstitutional as the First Amendment under the Establishment clause does not allow teachings to tailor to certain religions (“State of Tennessee V. Scopes,” n.d.). For this project, we 'll take a deeper look at this controversy. With evolution being the commonly accepted theory among
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