The Core Principles Of Marketing Theory

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Thou shalt differentiate”, (Fulmer and Goodwin, 1988; Levitt, 1980; MacMillan and McGrath, 1997) refers to a well-known acclamation for one of the core principles of marketing theory: differentiation.
Why does differentiation bear such an importance within the marketing World? To begin with, as our World, in general, continues to develop and evolve around us, there are many products introduced the population which can be of the same nature, however possess a bear minimum difference which may influence us as consumers, to favor it over its enemy. Differentiation is the first step for effective positioning and the key, which gives consumers more value from their product.
Perceived differentiation is crucial for branding of a company’s product, especially against the many rival companies, which have very similar products to offer to the same audience (market) with the potential ability to make or break the company’s future prosperity.
Perceived differentiation is an item constructed within consumer attitudes amongst the marketing metrics spotlight. These metrics assist with carrying out certain measures to benefit branding as ‘measurement is the company’s nervous system’, pointed out by Sir Peter Davis when regarding the emphasis of companies gathering enough knowledge about their consumer preferences.
All of these aspects and guidelines are taken into consideration when branding a certain product to ensure that superior customer value had been created.
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